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Adrian Moreta de Leon

Age 9

Family Details My parents' names are Alberto and Lariza. I live with my parents, brother, and two sisters. My nickname is Brailin. We live in a house where we do not pay rent. My father is a carpenter. He does not have a job; he works when he finds something to do. My mom does not have a job.

Village Casandra

Gender Male

2021 Update:

¿Cómo tú ayudas en casa? (How do you help at home?) I sweep and run errands.

¿Qué te gusta hacer o jugar? (What do you like to do or play?) I like to play cars with my brother. I play baseball.

¿Qué te gusta estudiar en la escuela? (What do you like to study in school?) I like learning the letters and numbers.

¿Qué quieres ser cómo profesional? (What do you want to do as a professional?) I want to be a teacher.