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Adriana Abigail Aquino Santana

Place Barahona, Dominican Republic

Age 7

Family Details I live with my mom, Marilanny; dad, Pablo Manuel (nickname Adrian); and my little sister, Naomi, who is three years younger than me, in a rented house. My dad is a motorcycle taxi driver. My mom goes to college.

Village Alfa

Gender Female


¿Qué te gusta hacer o jugar? (What do you like to do or play?) I like to ride bikes and play with dolls.

¿Qué te gusta estudiar en la escuela? (What do you like to study in school?) I'm in kindergarten, and I like to draw and play with clay.

¿Cómo tú ayudas en casa? (How do you help at home?) I help my mom make the bed, sweep the floor, fold the clothes, and cook.

¿Tienes un versículo favorito de la Biblia o historia de la Biblia? (Do you have a favorite Bible verse or story from the Bible?) I like to sing.

¿Cómo podemos orar por ti? (How can we pray for you?) From her mom & dad: Pray for the health of the family and pray that we can get our own house.